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Energy Cleansing "Smudge" Green Smoke Stick | Sage Alternative

Energy Cleansing "Smudge" Green Smoke Stick | Sage Alternative

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This Energy Cleansing "Smudge" Green Smoke Stick will cleanse your aura, energy and space with a pleasant, woodsy aroma and long-lasting burn time. PLEASE NOTE: each smudge is uniquely handcrafted with available flowers and herbs which vary depending on the seasons.

Instructions: This will burn like a traditional sage smudge stick.  Light one end of the smudge stick with a match or lighter, let it burn for a few seconds, then blow out the flame to release the smoke. Catch the embers in a shell, metal tin or other fire proof holder and enjoy the cleanse!

WHY PURCHASE GREEN SMUDGE INSTEAD OF WHITE SAGE? I began making white sage alternative Energy Cleansing Sticks after learning that white sage, which is used by indigenous people in ceremony and for medicinal purposes, is at risk of becoming endangered due to cultural misappropriation and commercially driven over-harvesting. As an ethical alternative to burning white sage, I handcraft my Energy Cleansing Sticks from foraged materials such as sustainable local plants and herbs (many from my own garden ;). Cedar forms the base of my bundles as it dispels negative energy and offers protection while emitting a pleasant aroma and burn experience.

This listing is for 1 smudge smoke stick. Please note that each stick is unique but all contain a cedar base and various flowers, plants and herbs from my garden and local shops which may include:

• roses • cinnamon stick  sea lavender flowers • rosemary • bee balm • eucalyptus

Each bundle will arrive with a description of the included herbs, including their properties. If you have a specific intention or crystal request, please leave a note to seller and I will include if I can.

Each smudge stick arrives dry and ready to burn. Please use caution, always watch while burning and contain in a shell, metal tin or other fire proof holder.

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